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additional Children and parent Account



  • Official comment

    It is great to hear from you, Virginia! Thank you for the great idea of having an avatar for Parents in Adventure Academy. We will definitely share this feedback with our team!

    Also, we can add an additional child profile to your Adventure Academy account for no extra cost if you would like. Please feel free to contact a live representative by clicking the 'Chat' widget in the bottom-right corner of this page or you can contact us by visiting We hope this information helps!

  • gonzalez.melissa.marie

    I love the idea of a parent account! I currently use one of the three to play with two of my kids, but I'd love to have that third account for my youngest who will soon be old enough to play. Right now he usually plays with me on my "account" so I can read the content to him (he is only 5 but loves the content and interactivity of Adventure Academy over abcmouse- which we also subscribe to, he just enjoys Adventure Academy more because of the game play and also the videos.)  


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