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In App Time Limits



  • Official comment

    Hi alexarrangements, This feature is not available for Adventure Academy at this time but we greatly appreciate the suggestion. We will forward this over for our product team to consider if they haven't already. Thank you!

  • Parent Sun

    Vote for this feature

  • vivaceamy

    hi.  I also homeschool and would love a time limit feature within the app.  Hope you will be able to make this happen soon.  thanks.

  • minavizcaino

    I definitely agree there needs to be a time limit. 

  • Storm

    As a workaround, we use Google Family Link parental supervision..there is a per app time limit setting. Also, Samsung devices offer Kids Mode, which has a time limit. There are probably other parental supervision apps out there that offer the ability to place time limits on apps and/or devices. Good luck!

  • gloriasmom15

    WE home school as well and would love an in app time limit set< google is great for during the week, we'd like to give ample free time on weekends without having to reset our weekly scheduale on google

  • rhwisen

    I homeschool as well and it is kind of a deal breaker for me.  Spending time trying to get children off after the time is up is just not for me.  It is a great app but my child is not at the self-regulation stage (we are working on it.)


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