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Add a detailed task list



  • Official comment

    Hi pegacysters, wonderful to hear from you! Parents have access to the Progress Tracker, which shows a list of any completed activities, lessons, books, etc. You can view the Progress Tracker by accessing the Parent Section and selecting the Progress Tracker panel on the Parent Page. If you are aware of the Progress Tracker and you would like a different detailed task list, then we appreciate the suggestion and can forward this along for our product team to consider if they haven't already.

  • gonzalez.melissa.marie

    It would be amazing if the progress tracker could link the parent to the actual activity or more robust parent tools for the activity. Mainly because there are several resources like books, newspapers, or videos with recipes or experiments. It would be great if the parent could have easier access to what the kid has been learning about so that we can extend it beyond the game. Now I depend on my child telling me they want to do something (and child led learning is great! but sometimes a kid might not realize how fun it is until it is started or provided for.) Or know better what they have done other than sometimes a rather vague title.


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