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  • Official comment

    Hi Joanne1516, While we do not have an option to provide grades in Adventure Academy, Parents can access the Progress Tracker within the Parent Section to track the academic progress of each child. If you need any assistance locating the Progress Tracker, we would be happy to help. Please contact our Customer Support team directly via chat by visiting

  • Belk

    While it nice to have the progress tracker for a quick overview, it is highly lacking. Needs much more parent tools so we can see how they are doing, what exactly the lesson or game looks like. Maybe even a way of assigning certain skills that they are struggling with.

  • Storm

    The "progress tracker" isn't tracking progress at all. It's simply a time spent in the app tracker. We need to know what skills they've worked on in the activity and what percent of questions they are answering accurately for that skill and then see how those numbers change over time including when skill difficulty levels are increased/decreased (assuming they are adaptive?). 


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