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Limit Tag in Game



  • Augusta Santana-Ponsler

    I absolutely agree with you! Either of these features would be of tremendous help.

  • kelliehatman

    Oh my gosh this would be fantastic! My 10yo LOVES tag in-game, but he tends to play that for way too long instead of working on his academics. I would love to be able to set timers for games such as tag... and fishing could use a timer too!

  • cnonyema

    I don't agree with you😡😡😡

  • brady.ericam

    Yes, this please! My son get consumed in fishing and tag! I would love to see this happen

  • Storm

    I would love if we could limit non-educational activities in general. My student is constantly spending time shopping, running errands, playing tag, etc, rather than completing educational activities.

    I would love if we could set a for X time spent in educational activities, the student earns Y time to use for fun activities.

  • maryelizabeth.pope

    Yes, I would appreciate either an ability for the parent to limit the tag time or the requirement for the player to earn tag time by completing activities.


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