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  • janngif

    It appears that interest paid on very large deposits (e.g. several million coins) are calculated incorrectly resulting in an interest rate that is well below the advertised rate of 10%. 

  • Andrew Crawford

    Yep, I see that. I'll see if we can find that threshold.

  • mail

    I submitted a ticket to customer support and learned that the quoted interest rate is a monthly rate, not an annual rate. 

    Based on the above, I was able to calculate that the bank currently pays interest only on the first 200,000 coins deposited in an account.  Players currently do not earn any interest on deposits in excess of 200,000 coins per bank account.

    in addition, unlike a real bank, interest must be claimed every day or it is forfeited.  If a player waits a week to claim their interest, they will only receive one day’s interest, rather than seven days’ interest.

    Hopefully these issues will be fixed — or at least disclosed to players — in an update. 

  • Andrew Crawford

    Great info.  This lets me give the details to my 9 year old.


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