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  • thewardshome07

    For homeschooling families, the state requires us to give evidence via a printed list with the lesson's name/topic covered, date, and the child's name. This information would be helpful to have for all activities that my child has done. Currently, there is a general list of recent activities with no date and it only shows the last 10-15 activities that my child completed. Thus far my son has completed over 200 activities, but I cannot show any of that information to the state as evidence since it is not listed anywhere. Please add a detailed report section for parents. PLEASE!!!


  • cheresevos

    I agree, please help homeschooling parents with in depth progress reports

  • syellison

    Yes! This is an important part of making this service a valuable, continued part of our children's learning journey.

  • Michael

    I also agree with this post. I do not have a requirement to prove what my child has completed, but as a parent paying for an educational service I would expect to be able to see a better representation of my child's progress. Overall this is a really nice app and my child enjoys it. Nice work! That said, the Progress Tracker currently is too limited in the information it provides. As a User Experience Designer myself I would expect a few things I see missing:

    (1) Activities Completed By Day - As a new user this week I just realized my child spent hours today chatting while I was in meetings, rather than working. The Progress Tracker displays Time Spent This Week (by day), but this isn't that helpful. Being able to see Activities Completed By Day is far more important.

    (2) All Activities Completed - The Progress Tracker only shows recent activities completed. This would force me to check daily or every couple of hours. An overall report of All Activities Completed is essential.

    (3) Activity Information - There is no place for me to see more information about the activities completed. It is simply titles. I would expect to see dates completed, content length, difficulty, etc.

    (4) Activity Comparison - How do I know that what my child has completed is on task? Let's say 50 activities were completed in a week... great, what does that mean? How long did those take? How many activities should generally be completed in a week to be making good progress? How does that compare to how many activities other kids generally complete? As a parent it is hard to know that decent progress is occurring.

  • Nat

    I agree with all parent comments above. From a homeschooling perspective, your system does nothing to assist our reporting and that is a critical part of meeting homeschooling requirements. Unfortunately without such detailed reporting, whilst your online program is amazing, unfortunately it will not be worth the investment from my perspective if no detailed reporting can be viewed and downloaded/printed. I will be watching to see if you fix this situation over the next month otherwise we will be forced to find other resources that do provide the necessary reporting, which would be a real shame - my daughter loves your online learning, but that's not enough to justify the monthly cost - the education department needs to be satisfied too. Looking forward to your upgrading your system :)

  • annesowers

    I need to keep track of my child's lessons.. not just time. Every year I need to print a report of her school work.

  • gaby.mc1703

    We just started the homeschool and I need proved that mi child is doing something for learning she did 12 lesson today but how can I proved to the state ?


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