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A learning Path like ABCMouse



  • Official comment

    Hey Brittany! We do love your idea, we have passed it along to our development team for further review! Thanks for sharing! 

  • SuperMom23

    I thought the same thing when my child started with AA! But I realized the quests help with the learning which is why there is so much running around LOL but I totally see where you're coming from - I loved the ABCmouse Learning Path!! 

  • DesiMarie

    I agree. There's too much running. Bring back the Learning Path!

  • soleil17

    I disagree, my daughter used to get discouraged by the learning path in ABC mouse, not always wanting to have to do certain activities to move on, or not being engaged by a certain topic.
    We much prefer the semi-guided but optional, free form learning style of this game.
    Yes, sometimes she is just wasting time, but we have stumbled upon some great, interesting topics to explore simply through Challenges like "Read 3 books" and she chooses books I never would have thought to introduce.
    Not saying some more NPC provided quest lines wouldn't be welcome though! I believe she's run out of them, and new ones in updates seem fewer and further between lately.

  • clhuggins

    I'm looking for something similar to the learning path, but more for a daily-completable objective. In ABCMouse, I could tell my child that he's got to do a full lesson (15 or so steps) before he can begin playing video games. 

    Is there any sort of 1-2 hour-long milestone that I can verbally assign my child?


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