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Expanding the Ocean



  • Official comment

    Thank you rachel.bardle for the amazing suggestion! We will forward this to our product team to consider if they haven't already. Thank you again!

  • travis.carden

    that sounds like a great idea! a under water castle cool idea!


  • tinymightytina

    I could see my girls loving this! They have been talking about wanting their avatars to be able to swim in the ocean. They are very imaginative and like to have beach parties with their friends on Adventure Academy 

  • betsy.uhuad

    My son thinks its a great idea too.  And you could even sell items like mermaid tails, boats for your pets and boats for avatars. You could have many types of water craft-jet skis, canoes, kayaks, row boats, sailboats, etc. And you could create opportunities for avatars to go for rides on fish or swim with the dolphins and/or giant sea turtles or snorkelling.


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