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  • Official comment

    Hi Erin.strough! At this time, we do not have an option for this outside of the Progress Tracker but we greatly appreciate your suggestion. We will forward your suggestion along for our product team to consider if they haven't already. Thank you again!

  • boisejoiseyjenn

    I agree!  It would  be great to also see the skill mastery, not just what the child worked on and time on activities.  

  • Belk

    Exactly ! I am glad my kids are practicing educational things, but I need to see if they mastered the skill or just clicked buttons. This game is only good if it work/ helps my kids. And if I can't tell if it is, then why would I continue to pay for it? ... There are features like this in the teacher version on abc mouse and its awesome ! 

  • scwolk

    I agree with the prior statements regarding skill mastery.  We use many educational programs; however, my kids are very engaged by Adventure Academy.  Every other educational program we use actually provides a matrix of skill mastery, not just task completion.  For all I know at this point, my kids are just guessing at answers and finally landing on the correct one to show that the task is completed.

  • thegoodyfamily

    I have to agree this is one key function of your program that it greatly lacks,  and could be a deal breaker for us. 

  • m.scottmt

    I'm feeling the same! Great program, but I want the ability to schedule classes/assignments and determine progress in learning areas.

  • scrapahappy

    Yes. I want to assign lessons to help mastery of certain areas. 

  • simplegifts

    Completely agree with all of the above.  I specifically purchased this for help with multiplication tables, and I'm not able to assign skills or track progress.  This was available in ABC Mouse, so assumed it would be here.  Improvements are certainly needed.

  • migdalia.nieves

    I agree as an educator and having my son use this application I would like to know how well he did on the activities.


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